Speed and efficiency

One of the many powerful benefits you can gain from the ALCS system is a considerable reduction in your lead times. This is thanks to the efficiency that comes with using a single, automated platform to manage vehicle transportation and stay in contact with car carriers and other partners.

The software is designed to help you become more efficient from both a financial and environmental perspective. You can use it to optimise truck utilisation, minimise the number of miles driven by empty trucks and reduce CO2 emissions.

Turn automation to your advantage

Businesses that fail to make the most of automation put themselves at a disadvantage to their competitors and risk compromising the quality of service provided to their customers.

Managing vehicle transportation becomes significantly quicker and easier when you don’t have to worry about manually executing key processes and human error is taken out of the equation.

ALCS enables you to reap the benefits of automation, offering key benefits and features including:

  • Optimal route planning and truck booking
  • Semi-automatic operations management
  • Instant data exchange between business departments and external parties
  • Ability to issue and share authorisation documents
  • Transportation tracking from order to delivery, including estimated time of delivery
  • Options to share links with ETAs and other data to car buyers for transportation tracking purposes
  • Automated orders and other documentation, including e-invoicing