Order management

ALCS is designed to make the process of ordering and managing vehicle transportation as simple as possible for all parties.

The average time from initial submission of a request for vehicle transportation to receipt of an offer is just three hours. In 75 per cent of cases, this happens in less than ten minutes.

Optimal route planning

When you log on to the ALCS platform, you gain access to tools that help to ensure your vehicle transportations follow the optimal route, taking into account key factors like distance and estimated journey time.

You can plan in advance and make arrangements that will facilitate a rapid and problem-free delivery, such as booking ferry crossings and accounting for any tolls that might apply on bridges and tunnels.

Stay in control by looking after these tasks manually, or save yourself time by using the system’s automated functions.

Tracking and communication

For complete peace of mind and visibility into how your vehicle transportations are progressing, ALCS allows you to track each step in the process, all the way from initial order to time of delivery.

GPS technology makes it possible to see the location of trucks in real time and provides messaging and communication channels that keep all stakeholders up to date. Every time information is created or updated on the system, everyone who needs to see that data can access it instantly.

Digitalise your business

ALCS enables you to modernise your vehicle transportation process and reap the benefits of digital transformation in logistics.

The industry is changing faster than ever before, so make sure you don’t get left behind.