Car carriers available across our network

15 million

Our annual capacity for car deliveries


European countries in which we operate


Languages supported on the ALCS platform

What ALCS offers

ALCS makes it simple for you to create an order, select your delivery terms, get an estimated price and submit your order. The software lets you track the transportation process all the way to delivery, with key data including truck location and estimated time of arrival. You can then receive your e-invoice and complete payment in just a few clicks.

Why choose us?

Fracht is an award-winning business that gives car dealers access to a network including 1,700 car carriers across 35 countries, 15,000 auto transporters and 19,000 drivers. This has helped us build relationships with some of the biggest names in the automobile industry. We’re integrated with 100 providers of GPS, routing, GSM and other services, which help to give you complete visibility over your vehicle transportations.

Get your time back

The ALCS platform uses automation and cloud-based tools to provide instant data updates and give you access to information in real time. It makes your job easier and gives you more time to focus on core business goals.

Efficient integration

Key systems and channels are integrated into a single platform to drive efficiency and give all stakeholders easy access to the data and updates they need. 

One platform, two solutions

ALCS is a complete platform for vehicle logistics that gives you flexibility and control over how to manage your car deliveries. You have the option to choose between two solutions, depending on whether you want to manage elements of the transportation process yourself, or let the system do the hard work for you.

Our certifications

Bureau Veritas has certified SIA FRACHT with the following international standards for our environmental performance, information security management and quality management: